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Research has it that many undergraduates enter the university landscape without any clue of how to make the best of the complex structures that the school’s curriculum presents.

A lot of students just get into school with the intention of obtaining good grades, bagging the degree and checking out; you know, The “Done and Dusted syndrome”. And don’t get me wrong, these are not wrong intentions, on the other hand, it should be a pivotal goal for getting into school in the first place. However, there is a problem with just pouring all your heart and efforts into just achieving “good grades”. You need more practical knowledge on how the “real world” operates, you need to learn the ropes and  to understand the complexities of the higher education system, this is why the presence of a guide/mentor in the life of every student is a must.

We can never exhaustively discuss the importance of having mentors, especially for students.

For us, getting a mentor could be a tough one, but is relatively easier for students, because they don’t really need to initiate the relationship. My first mentor as a student, actually approached me; so you see. If you open up, you will find that there are a lot of experienced professionals around you who will readily give up precious time to build you up.

Now to the question; Why does a student need a mentor?


1.  SELF DISCOVERY: Whether you already have your path all figured out, or you’re still trying to understand your path, you will need a mentor.

A mentor understands what it means to be a student, they are aware of the common challenges associated with your generation, he/she understands the emotions you’re dealing with, and hence is in a good position to guide and give you footing.

A mentor will help you discover your career path, based on your strengths and weaknesses. They will provide you with the emotional and structural support you need in achieving your academic goals. Your mentor will assist you in setting goals, and then be available to hold you accountable by monitoring and measuring your progress as you go.

2. DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP CAPACITY: You don’t need to head any organisation or group before you qualify as a leader. Everybody is a leader, you just have to know how to hone and develop leadership skills.

Luckily, your mentor is the perfect guy for this job; reason being that they  know the rudiments and must have also gained sufficent experience in this regard. Some mentors may even go as far as to allow you participate in work projects which they are working on, just so that you can get a feel of what handling projects in the real world entails.

3. TO BOOST YOUR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: A mentor will provide you with the necessary  tools you need to achieve academic excellence, not to mention going as far as to train you in specific areas of their expertise.

Your mentor may also introduce you to other professionals and professional bodies that can go a long way in boosting your academic performance.

4. CAREER PREPARATION: What better way to prepare for a future career than through a quality mentor? so if you can leverage on a good mentoring relationship, then why not?

Having a mentor by your side will help make the job seeking and interview phase less overwhelming for you, by offering you with the guidance, confidence and necessary skills for success.

5. DEVELOPING MEANINGFUL NETWORKS: Networking is everything. Ever heard the saying; “Your network determines your net worth”? Indeed.And having a mentor as a student makes networking easier for you, because you will be starting early, this is the advantage you have.

Infact, oftentimes some mentors bring their mentees to the workplace. Imagine the benefits of meeting with accomplished persons and the joy of being able to interact and relate with them? All this is possible when you have a mentor.

So now you know.

Be intentional about seeking mentorship while you’re still in school. Remember, every student needs a mentor.

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