Today, in almost all countries of the world, people learn French language. French is the sixth most spoken Language in the world and its speakers currently exceed 220 million throughout all countries.

Aside English Language, French is the second leading Foreign Language that people learn globally.

So, if you’re a Nigerian student, still in doubt of what benefit lies in learning this globally relevant language, this article exposes 10 very good reasons you need to consider building interest French.

A language for the job market

If you can speak French Language along with English language, you are at a better advantage for both local and international job markets.

There are French companies scattered around the world including Nigeria. Your ability to speak French will make you become attractive to these international firms.

As the number five biggest economy in the world, France is constituently spreading economic tentacles in Nigeria- the economic giant of Africa.

Even though, Nigeria is an Anglophone (English-speaking) country, there are more French investments here than any Francophone (French-speaking) country in West Africa.

Thus, learning French will definitely boost your Job prospect as a Nigerian despite the present high rate of unemployment.

A language for higher education

There are many good reasons to want to study in France as a Nigerian student. French language opens up doors to the realization of this dream.

Higher education and business schools in France are among the best in Europe and the entire global scene.

If you can understand French language so well, you will stand a chance to benefit from numerous grant and scholarship opportunities from French government.

Also, tuition for international students studying in France in French-speaking higher institutions is among the lowest in Europe (usually not more than 500 euros)

This is because French is one of the few countries that has heavily subsidized tertiary education.

On the contrary, English speaking universities are mostly private and can charge up to 15,000 euros.

There are even more great countries you can study affordably using French language. These are Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, etc.

The other language of international relations

Do you love to gain access to an international organization for your internship or even job opportunities?

Then you should be aware that French is an official and working language for most reputable international institutions.

Some of them are United Nations, the European Union, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) World Health Organization, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross etc.

Whatever career path you choose, you will be sought after in any of these organizations if you speak French. Many of their employment offers at any level require a level of French Language proficiency.

Looks Good on Your Resume

You may not find it specifically spelt out as a requirement, notwithstanding the presence of French language proficiency help makes your CV look impressive.

The employer will see you as someone who loves learning and may tend to be intelligent.

Thus, French language will make you stand out among equal when being considered for a job position.

Experience Cultural Diversity & Understanding

The effect of globalization is making the world look smaller everyday. Therefore, the need to break cultural barrier and embrace diversity is becoming increasingly indispensable.

As you learn French Language, you will also be automatically immersed in the culture and history of the French community.

Not only will you learn about the Hexagon, you will also explore the African francophone countries, Europe in general and any other place where they speak French.

Your wealth of knowledge will greatly increase in the process.

A language of reasoning and debate

French, like other Romance languages in Europe and South America, highly demand critical and analytical thinking.

Little wonder most great philosophers and scientist are of French origin. Some of them include the Descartes, Sartre and Derrida, Marie Curie , Pasteur, Georges Charpak , Pierre etc.

In the process of learning French as a foreign language, you will understand some interesting way of expressing your point of view, discussing important topics, negotiating etc.

French poems, witty sayings, arts and other literature items will go a long way in boosting your reasoning ability and refining your perspectives.

It is a world language

As stated earlier, there is virtually no country in the world where there are no French language speakers.

A total of 77 countries make up the International Organisation of French-speaking countries (OIF) In fact the largest International Network of Cultural Institutes is run by France.

Alliance Francais for example, teaches French language in more than 64 countries and has about a million learners.

You can boost your academic skills

In so many ways, French language makes you better academically.


Take for example; about sixty per cent of English vocabularies are derived from French. Thus, in the process of learning French language, you are also boosting your vocabulary level in English.

Not only that, you will learn about many subjects including engineering, political science, environment, arts, science, business and enterprise etc. 

French language can help improve your brain functionality, level of memorizing, creativity and analytical reasoning.

You can invest in your career

There are enormous fields of human endeavour out their looking for French speakers.

Examples are banking and finance, international market analysis, diplomacy, hotel management, international trade, journalism, media, tourism, customer service, health care, law enforcement, aviation, national security, interpretation, translation, education, etc.

The more grounded you are in French language, the more you will be relevant in whatever work space you find yourself.

Also, as you make attempt to move higher in your career path, you may decide to go for graduate studies. It will be surprise you that the admission committee will be so much impressed with you.

You can connect your future to cutting-edge fields in science and technology

Latest technology and innovation is one of the great achievement from-speaking countries. You will find them in business, science, animations, design, construction, transportation etc.

They produce video games, modern rail services, modern research and so on.

Thus, If you can speak French language, you will gain direct to high quality Francophone research information from francophone sources.



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