Reasons  Nigerian Students Don't Complete Scholarship Application forms.
Reasons  Nigerian Students Don’t Complete Scholarship Application forms

Do you know that more than 9o%  of Nigerian students don’t complete scholarship application forms?

Countless students search for education scholarship all over the world every day and more often than not, they always find one that they qualify for. This is because education scholarship, either local or international is not only merit-based; they are also need-based.

Unfortunately , in case of Nigerian students, they start but don’t complete scholarship application forms.

This article looks into why this remain a common phenomenon and what can be done to overcome it. Check out this message sent to a Nigerian student:

“We are conducting a survey, and your response would be appreciated.

Applications for xyz Awards Scholarships opened on 1st September 2016, and closed on 15 December 2016. Our records indicate that during the open application period for the xyz Awards 2018 Scholarships intake, you downloaded an online application form but did not submit by the closing date.

We are interested to know why you did not apply, and would appreciate your response to this brief survey that will provide invaluable data to inform future promotional activities”

Education is now expensive and competitive than it used to be in the time past. If you are fortunate enough to receive a scholarship, it always means that there is financial aid available for you to enjoy.

It may be total or partial throughout your studies.

In other word, where there is scholarship, there is free money to fund your education. For example, if someone receives a scholarship to study at any top university in the world, it implies that the person has, for sure, gained access to money to either study or conduct research.

International Education Scholarships is usually funded by governments, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), research institutions, benevolent individuals, the school itself and so on.

Every year, billions of dollars is invested in education scholarships by these aforementioned organizations.

Research shows that Nigerians top the list of scholarship applicants but about 90% of Nigerian students don’t complete Don’t Complete Scholarship Application forms they commence.

Why is this attitude so common?

These are some of the reasons you might find yourself in that situation and how you can tackle them.

1. You are very busy:

Reasons  Nigerian Students Don't Complete Scholarship Application forms
Reasons  Nigerian Students Don’t Complete Scholarship Application forms


You may already be at a job or still a student while the opportunity for scholarship application shows up. The application might look to you like a mountain almost impossible to climb because of your busy schedule. 

This is what you should note however, some scholarship are big enough to pay you off better than your present job.

Have you tried the calculation?

Of course, international education scholarship processes are competitive and it takes the diligent and hardworking student to earn it; but much more they are lucrative.

A scholarship can provide you with a financial aid worth more than $25,000 (about ₦10million) per year.

Putting this into consideration, I encourage you to gather your efforts into completing your application form, even if it means contracting it out to experts.

2. You don’t enjoy writing essays:


Reasons  Nigerian Students Don't Complete Scholarship Application forms
Reasons  Nigerian Students Don’t Complete Scholarship Application forms

This is another reason many Nigerian students don’t complete scholarship application forms.

No doubt, many scholarship applications today come with a specified number of essays, with specified number of words.

The topics usually include your personal statement, leadership experience; career stories and the list go on. Sometimes about 4-5 different essays with more than 750 words each.

I agree this is not a child’s play considering the fact that your essay must stand out and would likely be one of the most determining factors.

The good news is that not all scholarships requires writing of essays and even when they do, they are strategies that is been used to make the process easy.

I will just say that you ensure you don’t allow your fear and insecurity rip you off the wholesome benefits of scholarships.

Why shy away from scholarship that requires essays?

Instead, make efforts to access resources that will assist you in writing these essays. This might not come free but will eventually worth it at last.

3. Unpreparedness:

Reasons  Nigerian Students Don't Complete Scholarship Application forms
Reasons  Nigerian Students Don’t Complete Scholarship Application forms

Opportunities comes to the prepared, so the saying goes.


Many Nigerian students don’t complete international education scholarship application forms because they do not have required documents at hand.

International passport, original school certificate, transcripts, recommendations letters and so on are important documents that are almost always needed to complete scholarship application forms.

If you just want to apply for these documents after commencing your scholarship application, you might not meet the deadline.

Can you imagine?  It took some Nigerian universities more than two months to process transcript and many students has missed admission and scholarship offers as a result of that.

4. Thoughts of low chances of winning:

Nigerian students don’t complete  scholarship application forms because they lack self-motivation.

You need to believe in yourself that you will win or else you will lose focus and abandon the process.

Commitment is key! Don’t think it is impossible to win scholarships.

Irrespective of your belief or level of persuasion, people still seize several opportunities every day.

You need to remain optimistic! Every applicant that applied and became successful did so in good faith.

Firstly, check the eligibility. Once you are qualified to apply, go ahead.

Frankly speaking, it’s not all the eligible candidates that would be selected due to numerous applications submitted. However, who knows, they might subject the applicants to some other criteria that would fit to your information like a jigsaw puzzle.

For example, you might make it through quota system, gender balance, emotions created by your career stories, preference for developing countries and so on.

5. Procrastination:

Please beware of this monster!

Reasons  Nigerian Students Don't Complete Scholarship Application forms
Reasons  Nigerian Students Don’t Complete Scholarship Application forms

It will whisper to you that you should sign out and continue later, and then later, and later again until the closing date.

Nigerian students don’t complete scholarship application forms because they always want to do it at a later time.

You may justify yourself by claiming that the process is overwhelming and uncertain after all.

Your reason may also be that you do not have the time, you are broke, or lack the experience needed to fill the form to taste.

Remember that the aftermath of procrastination is that you will still feel badly for not giving it what it takes. More so, if you allow this attitude to accumulate, you will get discourage from filling further application forms altogether.

I will advise that you first try to overcome the inertia by struggling to start, then break the whole process into smaller task and allocate time for each. A French proverb says “It is little by little that the bird builds its nest”

Therefore, it is not compulsory or even advisable you complete the form at a go. A step at a time and you will soon reach the “submit” button.

Another way a dear friend of mine recommends for killing the force of procrastination is to imagine the end from the beginning. If you meditate enough on the reward that awaits you for completing the process, you will be motivated from within.

6. Past experiences:

A very common reason Nigerian students don’t complete scholarship application forms is that they have applied in the past and were not selected. As a result of this, they don’t want to waste their time on applications that requires too much of writing.

Don’t be discouraged still.

Scholarship is a game of numbers, the more you apply, the more your chances of winning. After all most scholarship comes with zero or low application fee, so continue to try until you hit it.

7. Wishful thinking devoid of strong desire:

We humans have an almost limitless power and influence over our life outcome. The sad news is that we do not know or agree to this.

We easily give in at every little defeat and submit to the deceit of fate.

You must have seen your friends who don’t give up and eventually get a good scholarship, grant or some other opportunities. If we must be frank, everybody wishes that good thing happen to them but having a strong almost palpable desire for it is another thing.

You should so think and remain committed enough to the scholarship you desire that the actions to take to win it will suggest itself naturally to you.

At one point or the other, each of us should have listened to people who overcome seemingly impossible task and change their life for good. So, remain motivated!


Does this article hit on the point?

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