What does the admission committee use to evaluate international students?
What does the admission committee use to select international students?

There are many factors that the admission committee do consider before awarding admission letters to international students. International education is more sought after today than in the past centuries. This great demand has made the admission process become increasingly competitive.

One thing to note is that not all applications will be successful in the end. Different factors are weighed to determine which candidate is most suitable. Some common factors usually considered include general academic records and unique characteristic that set you apart.

Most importantly however is the standard set by the school you have submitted your application to.

You may have been accustomed to the important documents you need to present and the requirement to fulfill. However, as an international student, it is also important for you to have answer to this important question: What does the admission committee use to select international students?

It is good to evaluate yourself very well on the scale they will use to assess you so that your expectation will come true eventually.

You will also be able to understand where to concentrate more while filling your application.

For example, in cases where your first language does not correspond to the language of instruction in your choice school, the admission officer may demand an enough proof of Language proficiency.

I have highlighted some points below that most admission committee will consider before giving you a positive response

1. Quota or target limit for international student: honestly, there are lots of money schools do make from their international students. On the other hand also, there is government impose quota that limit the number of international students each school can absorb yearly.

Therefore the reason some applications are turned down eventually is not only because they do not meet the criteria.

The suspecting factor is also that the space available for international students has been filled up.

I will advise students to consider schools with lower brand recognition. Most well-known schools receive loads of international application each year.This explains why the chance of a particular student being selected is always low.

There are schools in the down town areas that receive lesser international student applications. Your chances of being selected is high here.

You should also apply as early as you can. First come first served factor may favour you in this case.

2. Previous Academic Achievement: This is a strong factor that determines how international students are selected by admission o committee. They will look cautiously at your academic profile according to the curriculum standard used in your home country.

As they evaluate your transcript, they judge your ability to challenge yourself into high performance.

If your previous qualifications is not so impressive, or took you longer than expected to complete it, admission committee may express some concerns especially when compared with other strong candidates.

A previous sound academic performance is assumed to mean a future excellent performance too.

Sometimes also, academic levels of courses differs. In this case you will need consistent high grade in your transcript o be able to secure admissions into a competitive department.

What does the admission committee use to evaluate international students?
What does the admission committee use to select international students?

3. International standard Tests and examinations: In most cases you will be required to take some tests. You may have been familiar with SAT, ACT, or GRE, GMAT, TOEFL or IELTS.

All these examinations play very significant on how international students are selected by the admission committee.

These tests are the only element that put all candidates on a common play field. It is unlike the previous academic performance of candidates which comes from different sources.

Admission committee use this tests as a standard to evaluate the skill and ability of all candidate despite their uncommon background.

A good performance in these tests place you at a better chance of being selected.

4. Essays and Personal statements: The admission committee have one very crucial goal- to have a full understanding of who is behind the many submitted documents. Who really are you? As an integral part of your application, your essay is expected to provide this answer.

The good news is that essays give you the privilege to convey your mind to your readers. Sometimes, people even prove why they do not have an attractive grades through essays. The essay will therefore reveal your personalities in a way that credential is not capable of doing. In fact, don’t repeat the information that can be inferred from other documents.

Also, the academic grades and student rank may be so closely related that it is difficult to screen out any candidates. This happen most time in the Ivy League and top rated schools where almost all applicants have great records.

I will like you to check all grammatical errors and make your writing very standard. You may do all the research you can and even employ the service of experienced consultants.

5. Language proficiency: Admission officer committee s will evaluate the level of command you have in the language of instruction of your intended school. The most common way of doing this is to take a language test.

You need to make enough inquiries to know the proper test to take. There are standards that your language test will be subjected to. Europe and America has adopted the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The minimum level for international study is the upper intermediate. It is better you are above this level to the advanced stage.

If your language proficiency is low, you can still be admitted. You will then be required to take up language training course before starting your proper programme.

Most times, this language training are provided by the university itself.

6. Letters of recommendation:  Your recommendations letters are written by those who is in the position to testify about you. The function is to actually define you as a person and not a mere document.

This letter is also expected to reveal your personality and attitudes especially in your previous classrooms.

It may be your lecturer or employer. It is what the admission committee rely upon to give credence to all the information you have provided.

You need to follow them up so that there will not be any delay that can affect your application.

What does the admission committee use to evaluate international students?
What does the admission committee use to select international students?

7.  Extra-curricular activities and special talents: Interestingly, admission committee now review the extra-curricular activities you involve in while in your previous schools.

Your special abilities in athletics, drama, music, arts or even quiz competitions will give you an edge over other candidates.

They may even request for video or picture evidence of these events. It is important however to be sure they want these media materials before you send them. Most times, it is enough if it is evident in your essays, recommendation letters and curriculum vitae.

Note this! It is not advisable to rely solely on this factor alone for your admission. All the other above mentioned items may be more important.

You therefore need to make your application attractive enough in all ramification.

I believe you have some answers to the question: What does the admission committee use to select international students? Please your comments will be well appreciated. Thank you…


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  1. Excellent work!

    This resonates so well.

    Every international student should see this.

    And I hope we can get the list of ‘the less branded schools’ for international students. I don’t even mind paying for this.

    Keep it up!

  2. This is highly educative.

    Does it mean, all these factors will be considered for admission or are there priorities?

    1. Yes; all these factors are very key. They are however, weighed in different proportion. The percentage each of the items do weigh will be written in the coming article. Thank you.

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