As a student with lots of school work load, you have to be thinking about how to get better at time management. You need to organize your days so you can effectively strike the right balance between home, work and school life.

By taking the time to arrange your priorities ahead of schedule, you can give yourself the best chance of staying on track and organized during the academic sessions. This in turn can help reduce stress levels and set you apart for success at the university.

Check out these time management tips to help you maximize your school days between lectures, recreation, home, and even a side work.

Plan your schedule right

First, you need to develop a schedule and work with it in order to effectively manage your time while in school.

You may use a pin-up planner, a timetable or a calendar on your phone. As long as you can find an organizing tool that works well for you, add your list of priorities to it and develop it. There are many time management apps that can help you with this.

You should plan your study periods around the times of the day when you are most alert. Also, find time for socializing, and get enough sleep. Many students need between about seven hours of sleep every night to remain focused and stay alert during study periods. Others need less or more.

So, find out what works for you.

Set realistic goals

Typically, you should allow around 10-12 hours a day for working, studying, socializing and anything else practical you need to do.

And as a full-time student, you’re expected to dedicate at least 35 hours a week to your studies including the time you spend in workshops and lectures. If you only spend 25 hours a week attending your lectures, you should use the extra 10 hours or so for independent study.

Another thing important to note is that things may often take longer than expected. So, it’s good you allow a little extra time in case you spend longer on a task than you thought you would. This way you will avoid any guilt that comes from not being able to accomplish set tasks.

Avoid unnecessary distractions

This is very important if you want to stay productive. Turn off notifications on your tablet and phone.

Say goodbye to all the interruptions you’ve been getting when you were supposed to be focusing on the things that should matter most -schoolwork.

Avoiding distraction as a form time management alone can make you a much more productive student if adopted.

Work with schedules

As already mentioned, you have to create a rough schedule for each day of the week. This is what the successful people you hear about follow. A daily routine is the way forward, if you want to effectively maximize each day as they come.

So, to be a master of time management, create a schedule for each day of the week.

For example, set time for when you’ll eat, pray, exercise, relax, study, spend time with family, etc. Yes, it’s going to be nearly impossible to follow the schedule 100 per cent. But you’ll be far more productive if you use the schedule as a rough guide, rather than not using a schedule at all.

Be detailed and specific

Now people tend to load pending tasks off-hand, I do too sometimes and trust me this is the best way to stay unproductive. Rather, for every task, homework, or assignment you receive; decide when you’re going to start working on it.

Please also ensure that the decisions are time-bound.

Be as specific as possible, e.g. “I’m going to start working on that essay this coming Saturday by 1 p.m.”

This is far better and productive than saying to yourself, “I’m going to start working on the essay as soon as possible.” because “as soon as possible” is no time. So learn to be detailed and specific when dealing with pending tasks.

Finish tasks ahead of schedule

For every task you have, ensure that you complete them ahead of time.

For example; finish every homework or assignment at least one to two days before it’s due.

By so doing, you will have enough time to go through your work thoroughly.

And in cases where something urgent pops up at the last minute, you will still have an upper hand and be able to complete the assignment on time.

Know when to say No

In order to stay productive as a student, you must know when to say “NO”.

You’re your own boss. Understand that there is time for everything and learn to stay focused on those priorities. Whenever you have to decline a request in order to attend to what’s truly important and urgent, do not hesitate to do so.

The same goes for any projects or activities that are obviously heading nowhere. Politely but firmly walk away from unproductive friends. As a matter of fact, your friends should have similar goals to yours.

This way you can completely eliminate time killers from your life.

Have a checklist

A very efficient way of measuring results is using a checklist.

Based on the tasks listed in your schedule; a checklist is a great way to ensure that you stay focused on those tasks. As tasks get completed you get a sense of accomplishment when ticking off the list.

As a result, you get energy to do more….












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  1. These are incredible tips, especially the fact that one has to avoid unnecessary distractions. Thanks for sharing.

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