DEADLINE: July 15, 2020

Are you a social entrepreneur in Africa ? Do you want join an inspiring community to scale up your business

What is the Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC)?

The Social & Inclusive Business Camp of the French Development agency aims at accelerating impactful businesses by connecting experts and inspiring entrepreneurs to develop new ways of doing business in Africa, and how to promote it.

Since the first edition in 2017, the SIBC has supported nearly 150 entrepreneurs with a strong societal impact in Africa with a view to scaling them up.

The Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC) supports entrepreneurs with strong societal impacts in Africa by accelerating their growth and offering them a high international visibility thereby helping them emerge as strong models of inclusive and agile entrepreneurship.

Beneficiaries of the Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC) will:

3 key verticals of the Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC):

Scaling Up; develop your scaling up strategy, prepare to fundraising and the internationalization of your activities,
Leadership: become a leader, structure your operation and internal system of your establishment with agile methods,
Social impact: measure your social performance in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and maximize your impact.

Eligibility criteria for The Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC)

Main Objectives of the The Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC) :

How to apply for the Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC)

More information and Application form are available on the Digital Africa platform.

The application Requirement include:

Timeline of the 2020 Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC)

More about the Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC)

The SIBC 2020 edition is committed to working alongside entrepreneurs in order to strengthen their capacities for growth and resilience in the face of an unprecedented economic and health crisis.

Hence, the notable construction of an ad hoc “SOS Covid” course available both in English and French languages for all successful candidates of the programme as well as those already existing in the programme community.

In addition the programme would pay attention to societal innovations, environmental responsibility and technical innovations that can serve the most vulnerable through e-health or ed-tech.

Launched and incubated by the Agence Française de Développement, Campus du Développement, Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC) will be piloted over the next three years by I&P Conseil and its partners, African Management Institute, ScaleChanger and StartupBRICS so as to accelerate its imlementation, particularly in Africa.

This year’s Covid-19 crisis shows that our societies must take responsibility for environmental and social inclusion issues. We need to rapidly develop capacities for resilience and societal innovation, and to do this we need innovative and social entrepreneurs more than ever.

To register for the 2020 Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC), click here

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