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It has been projected that the average cost of completing a two year international education will soar to $80,000 by 2025.

University tuition fees are rising pretty fast and as it stands, average tuition fees are nearing an annual cost of $40,000 per year. So, getting scholarship or financial aid and consequently prepping oneself to access and receive a near-free international education cannot be overemphasized

Your income or your grades may or may not make you eligible. As an International student you need to be more proactive with your quest to access financial aid for your studies abroad.

The competition is fierce and so you need to up your game as far as acquiring financial aid is concerned. So to stand out, here are some practical tips which can come in handy to boost your financial capacit

1. Carefully observe the stipulated requirements:

All Sponsors of scholarships, whether governments, institutions or even private individual have specific reasons for putting up those scholarships.

So usually they plan to give the awards to certain qualifying students. A business owner could, for example; have a huge passion for the Arts.

Therefore, he may want to give the scholarship to a student who paints or has outstanding talents in the arts. He most certainly won’t give that scholarship to someone who has probably never held a paintbrush!

Perhaps also, a retired professor wants to promote academic excellence in the younger generation, he most certainly won’t give the award to someone who has a low CGPA.

Therefore, it is really important that you carefully read the fine prints when it comes to applying for grants and scholarships.

There are a whole lot of scholarships out there available for students who wish to study abroad. But there is a catch; you should only apply for scholarships which you totally qualify for.

If, on the list of the requirements, you meet some of them but not all, I advised you should not bother applying. Most likely, you may not get it.

Let’s take an example: A scholarship may require that you have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 and higher and a minimum score of 28 in the ACT. If you happen to score a 26 in the ACT but have a CGPA above 3.0, you most likely will not be selected.

2. Have a good academic standing record:

Almost all scholarships have requirements that center around the CGPA and attractive transcripts.

Your previous academic standing can either increase or decrease your chances of qualifying for scholarships.

In general, if your scholarship includes a minimum CGPA requirement, ensure that you truly attain it. Therefore, if you aim to have a scholarship for your next academic endeavor, you will need to study real hard.

3. Participate in community volunteering activities:

Volunteering is a way of giving back to your community. And so many scholarships are usually awarded to students who are involved in community service.

By volunteering your time, you are not just giving back to the people in your community, but also boosting your chances for impressive resume, higher chance to study abroad, and winning international education scholarships.

4. Let your essay stand out:


Many scholarships require the presentation of an essay. There are endless variety of topics largely dependent on the sponsors or who is responsible for funding the scholarship.

Your ability to write a good and impressive essay is key to winning scholarships or any student grant. When composing your essay, make sure that you have a well thought – out writing structure in place.

Review your writing as many time as possible to avoid any mistake. It is highly advisable to seek consultation of expert and experienced writers before final submission. This may come at a cost but it will pay off so much in the end.

5. Try multiple scholarship applications:

Usually, it is always very difficult for selection committees to choose which finalists will get their scholarships.

Most often there are no wrong candidates. And so, the winning candidates for most scholarships may be a matter of luck and not just only skills and academic standing.

You can increase your chances of winning by applying for various scholarships which you are eligible for. This is what students who eventually win millions of dollars scholarships do. Unknown to you, they may get far more rejections than wins.

6. Apply for small scholarships:

Small scholarships are easier to win because they are less competitive. Most students seem to think small scholarships are not worth the try or effort generally.

Small scholarships not only add up, but they also go a long way to help boost your resume and financial capacity.

7. Study the way scholarships work:

Reach out to experts or professionals involved in the financial aid system.

As an aspiring international student, you will need to make sure that you understand the whole financial aid process and how it works.

You need to have an understanding of certain key players in the system peculiar to your need area.

Accessing financial aid is a tricky process.  This means that your ability to read between the lines is the crucial to your grabbing the cash. So do your homework and intensify your research input.

Be good at savings.


Saving for international education is a big challenge these days, especially given the cost. Despite scholarship, there are still many financial inputs that you will need to put in place.

Most scholarship will at least require application fee to start with. They may not sponsor your flight, visa applications and even housing. They may only pay your school fees which is the most bulky of these expenses.

So how to you cater for the rest? The best advice is to start saving as early as possible. Start now! Whether you are a Parent or an aspiring international student.

The earlier you start saving, the better your chances of winning international education scholarships. Once abroad, some students even get a shot at small jobs to help generate income to offset any other additional costs that may come up.

If this article has helped you in anyway, your comment will be highly appreciated. Also do well to share among those you love. Thank you.

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