Graduating from the college or university with excellent results is the basic challenge that many Nigerian students meet when they travel abroad to study. Many Nigerian students have worked extra hard and had sleepless nights in order to be able to get good grades. Some Nigerian students who had studied abroad also testified that it can be tough sometimes due to the fact that there are so many distractions. This may come in form of social lives, student’s jobs and family commitments. The good news is that despite all these challenges, it is still possible to be able to develop good grades while in the college or university abroad

The fact however is that you need some simple habits to ensure your academic success. Remember that thoughts determine habits, habits determine character and character is the major determinant of destiny. Now, for you to develop excellent study habits while studying abroad, you will first have to want to develop such habits. That desire for academic success must be there or else the habits will not be formed. It is pure and simple.  For you as a person to do something over and over again, you have to want to do that thing in the first place. This is important because you can never learn something that bores you in the first place. Learning excellent study habits are just like learning any other thing:  you just have to desire it in the first place!

So, without further ado, we shall be considering those excellent study habits that you should desire:

Have a study time table

Do you remember the days you were forced to have a personal study time table and follow them strictly? Well, a timetable is important very much the same way during your study abroad! A timetable allows you to organize your work and to pace yourself. This is especially important because having a timetable shows you are disciplined in getting things done. In fact, discipline is the first trait that will show if you’re serious about getting good grades or if you just want to study abroad because you could afford it.

A set time of study trains your mind and puts you in the right mood when that time comes up each day. Time your daily activities and ensure that you keep to them. This is because when it comes to habit development, repetition is key. You need to learn the art of doing one thing over and over again until you will realize that you have become excellent at what you do. The scores will show!


Learn to set Goals

Goals have a way of making you keep focus on developing excellent study habits. Goals for each session of study enable you to be able to measure your progress. As a Nigerian student who is schooling abroad, you should focus on getting things done right and on time. The only way that would ever happen is if you set goals for yourself and adhere to them. This is an important pathway to academic excellence.


Learn to take notes during lectures and to review them later

Many students will overlook this but taking notes during lectures actually helps you to understand what the lecturer is saying in your own words. Don’t depend on lecture notes alone. Personal notes form the foundation of your knowledge as regards what the lecturer was referring to! When you review your personal note, it shows you the difficult areas which you did not understand and the need to study them further. Reviewing of notes also serve as a method for memorizing important theories, concepts and ideas which are important to that subject. It helps in the development of a good memory. Notes also serve as a go-to tool when you are in doubt or you cannot properly recall an important part of the lecture.

Learn from study groups

One of the key methods of keeping things in mind or memory is reinforcement! A lot of time, we do not possess the ability to retain certain things due to stress, emotional issues or just plain difficulty in retention.  Such moments are why study groups exist. Study groups use learning through interaction as a powerful way of memory retention and the obtaining knowledge. It keeps people on their toes and makes them livelier. It also allows for greater accuracy of retained knowledge because anything discussed in a study group comes from several points of view. Joining a study group also allows you to teach others the areas you understand better and to learn from others in the areas you may be lagging behind. Study groups are also important in helping the participants to build social skills and develop confidence along the way.

Tackle the difficult subjects first

When you first sit down to study,  your energies are still fresh and you’re all fired up and ready to tear down walls. However as you continue to read; you begin to get tired and no longer as energetic as you used to be. This is why you should tackle the difficult subjects first! This is a creative a way usually used in general problem solving! Tackling the difficult subjects and topics allows you to be able to conquer your fear of those subjects! The things we fear are usually the most difficult! Why is this so? It is just because we fear them! So, the easiest way to get rid of fear is to tackle it head on! You need to take this seriously if you are looking forward to developing an excellent study habits!

Avoid distractions while studying

This is the bait many students often fall into. There may be that video, post, television program, girl or boy that needs your attention. These are things that compete with our time. However, if anything that would take out of your study hour is not directly related to your schoolwork, such a thing, event or person is a distraction. You should to attend to them only at your leisure time if necessary. In order word, during study hour, please say NO to distractions.

Use the weekend to review your material

A typical Nigerian would view weekends as a time to relax and have a good time with friends, would-be friends and other associates. On the other hand, weekends can serve as a great time for students to review notes, texts, videos and other study material ahead of the coming week. You see, the game of academic success requires you to plan ahead and go ahead of everyone else to be successful. Use your weekends to develop yourself in your weak subject areas. That is what weekends are meant for!

Above all, try to create and retain a positive mental attitude. Everything you ever will be, have or do will start in your mind.

Do you have any tips on developing excellent study habits for Nigerians abroad? Have you been practicing any study habits that have worked out well for you? Please share and bless someone with your knowledge!


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