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Good day friend!  We are so delighted to have you on our site today, and to say the least, we celebrate with you that you have made it up to the Skype interview for international education scholarship process. Whether you are applying for undergraduate or postgraduate studies, reaching the interview session of your application is a great milestone worthy of celebrations. At least, it means you are closer to your desired international study experience than ever. More so, a scholarship! Congratulations!

However, to say the fact; many Nigerian students may not want to continue an application that requires a “skype interview” in the first place. Now that you have taken the bull by the horn and have gotten this far, I am happy to show you the way to a brilliant performance…

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter, your college admissions interview is in a few days from now and you don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for it. How about how to perform excellently in the test? That’s been your greatest headache. Not to worry, I have been there before. I can tell you all the trepidation that welled up in me towards the day of my interview. So in this article today, I’ll be sharing 6 key tips that will not only help you prepare well but also ace the skype interview for international education scholarship

1. Showcase the best impression of yourself. Your skype interview for international education scholarship helps you to put a face behind your many essays, exam scores and credentials. For a lot of applicants, this is the first time the admission committee will be privileged to see your face…A little trick, you can actually make them see your face before the interview! How? Ask me in the comment session… In essence, you need to provide the interviewers the best impression of yourself. Let them find delight in interacting with you. As much as you should be official, ensure you are neither cocky nor sheepish.

You want to project an image of a person who is friendly, clear headed, enthusiastic and highly interested in pursuing a degree in that specific school. Here is a sigh of relief, the college interview is basically to reinforce the information you have already sent in your written application. So don’t expect some hardcore examinations or scrutiny. The interview is basically just to know you more. Experts agree that the interview generally contributes less than 10-15% of your admission decision. So prepare for it but don’t overdo it.

2. Schedule for the earliest day and the earliest time. Most schools will present you with a list of days and times. They will then ask you to choose which is convenient for you. Here is what I advise, choose the nearest date possible and the first interview session for that day. One advantage of this is that your interview results will be available on time to the admission committee

 Secondly, if you pick the first interview for any chosen date, you will most likely get your interview conducted in good time. You will also avoid the carryover effect of those whose interviews took longer than expected. These set of applicants might have cast a wrong impression on the mind of the interviewers. So, schedule your interview as soon as you can and be the first to be interviewed at any chosen date of your choice.

3. Enjoy the the conversation: Your skype interview for international education scholarship usually last about an hour. I remember when I was preparing for mine, I felt the time was too long. But now as I look at the interview in retrospect and I wished I had more time. This is not to perform better, but to actually enjoy the conversation more. The interviewers though professional, were also very friendly. They only take that time usually to help you settle into your cool and ensure a smooth interaction with them. It also gives you ample time to ask them questions about the school.

Basically, what admission officers are looking for in the process is to see that you fit into their school. They want to know if you meet the criteria of their present students or the kind of students they want in their school. They want to see that you exude both the confidence and good command of language to express yourself in an academic setting.


4. Make all your gadgets ready and tested. Ensure you use a well-lighted, clean room. Avoid distracting wallpapers or one with offensive pictures or message. If you are using Skype, ensure you have your account properly set up with an official profile picture. Very importantly, make sure you also send the right username to the interviewers. You don’t want them to get stressed up trying to connect to you because of a wrong Skype ID. On the D-day of the interview, ensure you have very good internet connection with alternatives, if possible, use a new SIM card so that you don’t receive calls that will interrupt the connectivity. Keep all your device charged and ensure you test them well enough before the interview.

5. Your Dresses? Keep it simple, comfortable and quasi-official. The error most people make is that they overdress. You wouldn’t want to come in a three-piece suit nor some revealing dresses. The least interviewer want to see is anything that is offensive or not natural to you. If you are traveling down for their interview, you wouldn’t want to be sweaty by the time you get there. It is important that you look prepared and show you are in your natural element. Like I said, don’t overdress or, for ladies, wear clothes that reveal your body. Keep it simple, and ensure it is convenient for you.


6. Lastly, maintain your calm. I can never overemphasize this point. It looks simple but most people fail to do this. Whether in the comfort of your home, office or some quiet public place (for Skypers), ensure you get there hours before the interview. Test all your devices over and over again and be very comfortable with yourself. You should note that the interview is just to reinforce a perception the school already has about you.

Now, have this as a take home, your interviewers might be some minutes late to your schedule time, while you wait, do not get anxious or disturbed. The delay may be caused by several reasons that are oblivious to you. It is neither your faults nor can you influence them. Therefore, don’t panic! Just patiently wait for them. You have done your part of the job, leave the rest and remain positive. Thanks for your time….

I hope this article helps?

If it does, please drop a comment below, share widely with your network and feel free to book a FREE consultation service with us!





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